Thursday, February 26, 2009

Work Done Last Week

This is a bit late only because I had scanned all the pictures onto my laptop and then the power cord went out. I was a bit upset about that because I knew that replacement cords would be expensive, however a local computer repair shop was able to get me a new cord for about a third of the cost of the item if ordered from Dell computers. That lifted my spirits until I realized that my newly scanned pictures would have to be scanned again which meant that I would have to download the Epson scanner driver for Windows Vista. I never wanted to do this in the past because Vista was always messing up the programs. But I wanted to put my pictures on my blog so I needed to buckle down and get the driver and get the scanner all hooked up. To my surprise Vista did not have any problems with the driver and so now my scanner works on my desktop. The scanner is easier to get to when I need it than it was before. Now I am happy!

About my drawings:
The red flower drawing is done in colored pencil and is of a boquet of carnations.
This drawing of Chickie is done in fine tip markers which means that I cannot erase my mistakes. My drawing makes Chickie look like a vulture. Not a good likeness at all. I need more practice with ink.

The still life of fruit was drawn just before the Chickie picture and the problem with it is the banana is a bit off. If you follow the banana around the orange than it would prabably be growing out of the orange. Oh, well! Need more practice with composition and pin.

The drawing of the tulips my hubby gave my for Valentine's Day is much better, so see, practice does help.

Why did I draw a dagger, a needle and a pin? I do not know, I just did. What had happen was that one of the shows I was watching had a sword used in it. It looked cool and as I was watching I was thinking to myself, "self, do you think you could draw that sword?" "Well, yes I will give it a try. It looks like a fun subject for a drawing." So I drew it. Now as to the pin and needle? I cannot tell anything but that the images popped into my head and said, "draw us!" So I drew them and this is what I got. All in all it was fun. My boys loved the dagger, go figure!;->
I did finish another colored pencil drawing last week that I had started years ago. That drawing will be uploaded this weekend.
Now go create some art!!!

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Lynn said...

Great drawings! I especially like the tulips.