Friday, November 25, 2016

I Miss It!

I really do miss writing posts for my blog. It has not been a real presence in my life for quite some time. When did it happen? Probably about the time I started graduate school. What is my excuse now? Work, family, and ? The usual excuses that most procrastinators seem to use. I did finish graduate school and have been working as a teacher for three going on my fourth year now. Love my job! It just seems like I am always doing something for it and not enough for me. Boo Hoo! Yes, I only have myself to blame. Look, it is almost a new year and as always a new start. Lucky for you I am not waiting for the new year to start before getting back into blogging. Not sure how often I will blog, but will try to at least post once a week or every other week. Who will read? I have no idea. Most likely no one will be reading it. That does not matter to me. I have a plan and will try my hardest to carry out that plan. If you are there to read it post a comment. Okay, lets do this! Ciao for now.