Saturday, November 28, 2009

If Only I Could Get Back in the Habit ;-)

I plan on getting back in the habit of posting on my blog. Lately, I have been really bad about putting my creations up on here and that is making me feel crazy. From now on I promise to post at least once or twice a week, even if I do not have any work to show. Most of the time I have work to show and want to share it with my followers or those who happen to stop by. I promise!!!

I am still working through the lessons for my online art class and I also joined another art class that is learning how to make our lettering more creative. Being more creative with my lettering is something I needed to work on and this class is helping me to realize that goal. One of the main bits of information I have learned is that I must draw a light guideline with pencil in order to keep my lettering going in the direction I want it to go. My hand still shakes at times and the lines help me to keep on track, so to speak. The other bonus is getting to use different kinds of pens. I love using colorful pens when working with my lettering. My favorite is pens that are made for children, like Crayola markers and glitter pens. Really fun and because they are not expensive to buy I can enjoy using them.
These two pages are from lesson two in which we were to draw a guideline and then write a quote on it. One we were to erase the line and the other incorporate the line into the design. The Durrant quote is my line left in layout. The line erased layout is very bright and a lot going on in the design. I am still having a bit of trouble getting my letters to be equal in size, but at least I followed the line;-) I cannot wait for this weeks Creative Lettering class assignment. Not sure what she will have us do. All I know is that it will probably be fun.

I will add my other art class completed lessons this week, but for now I just wanted to get some images and words up on my blog and to put out there in the cyber world that I plan on doing a better job at posting to my blog.

Have a fun and very creative day!