Saturday, July 23, 2011

I Love Camping! But not the Flies;-(

We have gone camping a couple of times now and have enjoyed the time in the mountains. The big problem we have had this last time is flies. I really do not like them! The flies will land on my legs and cause me to itch and that makes me not so happy.

~This is the grotto that I love to camp at, very peaceful~

Our camping grotto that we  had last time was taken by other campers. We had to pick a place up the canyon and unknown to us, a place where the herd of cows love to hang out. Yes, real cows, cowboy cows and what do cows leave behind? You got it, cow pies;-) What loves cow pies? Yep, flies! Buzzing and annoying flies. No worries though, because my lovely oldest daughter went down to Walmart and bought a cheap, but nice screened tent. After my youngest and his big sister put up the tent, I was (we) were happy campers once again. We left the trailer up the canyon to come home to take a shower and will be going back up tomorrow.
I did manage to finish a complete journal dedicated to my wild trips in the mountains the last time up the canyon. Got started on a new journal this time around and wrote a lot. There are times when I am in bed and want to jump up and start writing, but I do not. What I should have is a notebook by my bed, in my bag, the car, bathroom, and here and there...well everywhere I am there should be a notebook. That way I can write when the thoughts come to me. Write! Write! Write! Leave your thoughts for those you love! Create, go now and have fun!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Too Much Time Between Entries, My Bad!

I am finally getting ready to go camping! However, my favorite campground (see photo) to go to is probably still covered in snow and/or too many people. What I really want to do is to go camping and where I go, as long as it is in the mountains, does not really matter. I will take my trailer, books, writing stuff, art stuff, dogs, bird, a child or two, husband, misc. camping gear and of course food and head to the canyon near my home.

The camping is rustic, but not too far from home, which means my husband can come and go to work and home (he likes to take a daily shower, not much for getting dirty;-) taking care of business. My trailer does have a potty, so camping would not be too rustic;-) The key is, we just want to go camping!

I hope you all are having a wonderful summer with your families and taking time to be creative or relaxing with a good book. If not, take the time to do something for yourself, it fills the creative well.

I will post more often. I know that I have made that promise before, but now that I am not working there is more time. In order for my writing to get better and read by more people, it is key that I write more. My goal is to write more, plain and simple, right? So, hold me to it and I will. Now go create!