Saturday, February 7, 2009

I did not manage to do art everyday because of too many appointments and a husband who was not at work this week. Having a husband following you around is about the same as a child wanting all your attention. All in all it was a pretty good week.

I finally found a doctor who believes me when it comes to my pain. He said that indeed I had Fibromyalgia, which I had told the other doctor about and he just blew it off and treated something I did not have. The new doctor gave me some shots around some points of pain and then a whole bunch of medicine to control it. The doctor also gave me medicine for my cholesterol and a diet pill to help me with my weight. I told him that it was hard to exercise because of the pain and balance problem. In order to walk someone has to go with me and no one wanted to or I was in way too much pain to go. I really do not eat much but because I do not move much either, the weight has gone up a bit. Now that the pain is being controlled I can get moving again. I still have a jerky head and feel as though I am on a rocking boat all the time. The doctor said that for now we are working on the pain and in two weeks he wants to see me again so we can deal with the jerky head symptoms. He explain that my brain is still thinking I have pain and some of the medicine takes a few days to work. So I have to wait to see the jerky stuff goes away. I did tell him that my ears are always full of fluid and that that might be the problem. He checked my ears and sure enough there was some fluid in them. One of the pills I take may help that but I will have to wait to see. It is good to be able to do things without a lot of pain.

About these two pictures:
The pencil drawing is weird, I know. I started out drawing ellipses and then it turned into this tube thing that spits out ellipses. I had a lot of fun working on this and trying to get the tube to look clear and that ellipses were actually falling out of it. My family just shook their heads and smiled, probably thinking that, "oh there goes mom again drawing weird Dali type pictures again." Well, I do like Dali and yes I have painted a picture or two that are strange but hey that is just what is in me and what my brain and hands want to paint. Art is to express! So I express!

This colored drawing is a doodle. I was waiting for my art student to show up (which for some reason she did not) and decided to doodle something. My 9yo son's Crayola markers were there and so I drew a doodle picture with them. It was very relaxing.

Art helps me to relax as I am expressing! I love being an Artist!!!

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Rachel H said...

I love your tube picture! I was wondering what it was so I read your notes very thoroughly to see if it was some kind of pet toy. :)

It absolutely does look like the rings are falling out, it's very intriguing!