Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Where Have I Been?

It has been a long, long time since I last added a new post to my blog, my bad! Well, here goes my excuse as to why it has been too long. First, I got really sick, second, I got really busy and finally, I got really lazy. There that sums it up, now onto more important details.
I did do a few pages for my AJS class and some artist journal pages in my partnership journal, but other than that I have not done too much in the form of art. The obstacle in the way of my art, is that I have been dreaming of Spring and Summer, which means camping. Now that I am feeling better and have medication to control my panic attacks I want to go camping, but my trailer needs some work.
I also got the notion that I would like to spend a month in the mountains working on a book. Alone or semi-alone in the mountains away from the safety net of my home where there are neighbors to come to my rescue if I have a panic attack, which I have not had to do in three years. I want to be free to drive to different places and not be afraid. I want to be back to my ole self again.
My hubby and I fetched the trailer a couple of times from the place we store it at and began working on making it pretty. It was a dirty mess and had a bit a dry rot, but mostly the decor is tired looking. We have been working on it as often as the weather will allow, which in Utah is not very much and because our garage is up a steep driveway we have to work in the street. It will probably take us another few weeks to get it done. As long as it is done by the first of June I will be happy.
And that my friends is what I have been up to. Stay tuned for photos.

Now go create some magic!