Saturday, July 23, 2011

I Love Camping! But not the Flies;-(

We have gone camping a couple of times now and have enjoyed the time in the mountains. The big problem we have had this last time is flies. I really do not like them! The flies will land on my legs and cause me to itch and that makes me not so happy.

~This is the grotto that I love to camp at, very peaceful~

Our camping grotto that we  had last time was taken by other campers. We had to pick a place up the canyon and unknown to us, a place where the herd of cows love to hang out. Yes, real cows, cowboy cows and what do cows leave behind? You got it, cow pies;-) What loves cow pies? Yep, flies! Buzzing and annoying flies. No worries though, because my lovely oldest daughter went down to Walmart and bought a cheap, but nice screened tent. After my youngest and his big sister put up the tent, I was (we) were happy campers once again. We left the trailer up the canyon to come home to take a shower and will be going back up tomorrow.
I did manage to finish a complete journal dedicated to my wild trips in the mountains the last time up the canyon. Got started on a new journal this time around and wrote a lot. There are times when I am in bed and want to jump up and start writing, but I do not. What I should have is a notebook by my bed, in my bag, the car, bathroom, and here and there...well everywhere I am there should be a notebook. That way I can write when the thoughts come to me. Write! Write! Write! Leave your thoughts for those you love! Create, go now and have fun!