Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My "The Decorated Page" Workshop Lesson 4 (so far)

I am a member of "Artist's of the Round Table" Yahoo group, which is another group of artists. The group offers free lessons (you have to buy the materials and/or the books used) and I joined the group that is working its way through the book, "The Decorated Page" by Gwen Diehn. It has been a fun way to create an art journal.

The theme of my art journal is an autobiography of my life. Okay, it will not cover all of my life but a good amount. It sure is eye opening reflecting back on one's life and fun at the same time. This book is another acknowledgement of my wonderful 49 years. I might have it done by the time I turn 50, which is almost a year away.

The fun part is finding the material to use on the pages. I gathered up the few photos I have of me and will use copies of them on the pages. The other great adventure I had was going through postcards at our local antique shop. I found a lot of groovy postcards and a couple of magazines from way back when. I went with my 26 yo dd, who adores antiques (so, I guess she adores me;-) and while I sat searching through boxes of postcards she rambled, very slowly, through the rest of the shop. Great fun!

I did not post my other lessons because I just did not think about posting them on my blog, my bad! What I did in those lessons will be seen for the most part in the upcoming pages I do finish. For now, I hope you enjoy these pages.

Have a fun and very creative day!

The space postcard was the coolest one I found. It is very thick and I wanted to be able to read the senders message to his son or daughter (Kitt is the name) on the back, so I used a springy thingy to hold it to the page. It can be removed in order to read what I put on the page.

This is the front cover of the book and yes that is me when I was 14 or 15 cleaning the BBQ grill.

These are the homes I lived in when I was a kid until we moved to ?, you will have to wait to see where we moved;-)

In order to get the photos of the homes I had to use my digital SLR camera to take a picture of the computer screen. The maps I got from Google Earth. My scanner is not big enough to scan a two page spread so I copied and pasted, etc., in Corel Paint. It turned out okay. The one side is slightly off so San Fransisco has an extra letter, but that is okay.
Now, I am off to work on more pages. I hope you enjoyed these.


Ann said...

What a cool project! This will be a wonderful treasure for you and your family.

Janet said...

I really enjoy looking at your art. It has a nice organization to it. A pleasure for the eye.
I'm in the workshop too!

Arty Velarde said...

rhonda I really liked you r pages. especially this one of where you grew up. Nice job

Suzanne said...

I really like the cover of your book and the pages about the houses you grew up in. I love the intensity of them and the old look - like they are relics from the past.

bubblemunch said...

This is so cool! Great combination of old photos and new technology.