Tuesday, July 14, 2009

EDM #230 Draw a Map

It has been awhile since I have drawn an EDM challenge. Drawing a map sounded fun and yet I had a hard time wondering what place I should draw a map of. It has been a long time since I have gone anywhere exciting. In fact, I really only go to the Doctor's office, maybe Walmart or on a rare occasion to Salt Lake City to an art store or a book store. Mostly I stay home for weeks at a time. Sounds boring, but when you suffer from anxiety going places is a chore. I am getting better at getting out of the house. I have the right medication now and so it is a little easier. However, I do not like to shop and I do not drive, therefore I only go to a few places and neighbors. When I thought about this it dawned on me that I should draw a map of my house.
I did not want to just draw a simple map of my home because that would be boring, so I drew a map of my home and how I travel about it daily.
With colored Sharpies in hand I drew my house and the stuff in it (to a point;-). Once I laid that out I drew the steps I take through out the day. (click on the photo to enlarge it)
Wow! I did not know that I wandered around the house so much every day, but I do.
Now about my drawing and why it does not look exactly like my house. Well, honestly I do not know why it came out so not like my house. The rooms are in the right places, but the hallway is straight. Oh well, I guess that would be what they call artistic license;-)
I drew a pencil layout of my house the way it really is, only the drawing is way off scale, but you get the general idea as to how the house is suppose to look. I hope you enjoyed My Daily Walk.

Have a very Happy and Creative day!


freebird said...

I just love your map. It's terrific. It's a fun map. I've heard it said a real artist can make art where ever they are. Why should you have to leave home to make a map for sure!

Ann said...

I love your map and following your footsteps throughout your day! Great idea and wonderful page spread!

iva yaneva said...

this looks like SO much fun!! Love it :)

Bénédicte said...

beautiful, fun and colorful map. The footsteps look like "birdsteps", going around your house.
very interesting interpretation of the map.

Suzanne said...

I love your map, particularly the bench that collects crap. I was just trying to clear the table that collects crap in my house when I gave up and looked at your site instead.
Like you I'm pretty much house bound due to chronic fatigue. It is amazing how spending a lot of time at home makes it into a kind of comfortable shell, isn't it.

Melisa said...

What a great idea to do a map of your house. I love the footsteps! I don't drive except to take my son to school and back, constantly it seems. It terrifies me, but I'm trying to learn (at 42!) because I don't like feeling so dependent on others. I'm slowly getting better but I don't think I'll ever be one to just jump in the car and go.

Linisha said...

Oh this is such a lovely map!! Loved going through all the details of the house.. BTW, I borrowed your blog entry about books - my total came to a miserable 11 :)