Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tulip Kaleidoscope Project

I have started a new Spring project using my photos of tulips and the kaleidoscope effect in Corel Paint Shop Pro X. The project began with the sub-group Artist Dates April challenges of Milliande's Creative Community for Women Artist*. The first two weeks we were given the challenge of creating a piece of art with the theme of flower/s. The white kaleidoscope is from a tulip photo I took last year and the red piece is from a photo of the bouquet of tulips my husband gave me for Easter. I had to use these photos because my tulips that are planted in my yard are not blooming yet (you can see their beginnings on my nature blog: http://thephilosopherartistsnaturejournal.blogspot.com/ )
I am looking forward to taking many more photos of the various colored tulips that grow in my yard. It has been a long time since I have seen them that I cannot remember all the colors they are. It is snowing today and it is a good thing the tulips are not up yet. I do love it when the tulips do bloom early and then we get snow which looks interesting up against the colors of tulips and other flowers.
After I take more photos I want to continue turning them into kaleidoscopes. The way the colors and patterns turn out intrigues me and it is a lot of fun manipulating the photos.
(*My white kaleidoscope was picked as a Featured Artwork on Milliande's site ;-) this sure helps keep that inner critic away)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photographs!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, these are nice ones. I also do some in Photoshop. They are fun, aren't they. I'm never quite sure what I'll end up with. The last one I did was using a photo of the fabric on a Balinese dancer's dress.