Thursday, April 9, 2009

Portrait Project Continued

Okay, I reworked Auggie's portrait and while it is better than the first try, I am not satisfied with it (see below) . I went ahead and started a portrait of his big brother, Gabe. This final of Gabe is much better than the final of Auggie. I still have much to learn about doing eyes. The problem I have with these two portraits is that I did them using a pastel pencil on the rough side of the paper. That gave the drawings a strange texture up close but far away they are okay. The next portrait that I do will be on the smooth side and that may help with the eyes a bit. My goal is to really get my abilities of drawing portraits down so that I can do them for others and charge a fee. I know that I have much to learn, but having that goal helps me to continue on.
My little grandson, Auggie saw his portrait and said, "Hi, baby!" Now that is a critic I can live with;-)

(Final Auggie)

(First Auggie)

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Florence's Art said...

I think they came out great. I can appreciate what you are going through. I am working on a portrait of my daughter for a course I'm taking and I am struggling with her lips they just aren't coming out right and you really notice when it is a face you know that you are working on. Thanks for posting these, great encouragement.