Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Work for the Week & EDM 216

I found another wonderful group of artists on the internet. It is a community of women artists run by the artist Milliande: (Sorry fellows it is just for women, do check the web for a guy artist only site) There are many talented women on this site and a lot of art to look at. On the site I found out that there are sub-groups to join, such as photography, groups from certain countries, and so forth. I joined the Milliande's Artist Dates. Each week she posts a challenge or activity to do and then post to the website. Others can then comment on your work if they wish.
I decided to do week one and four. Week one was to create a work that included a postage stamp and week four was a piece using the colors yellow and blue.
Wow! Once I got started I could not stop, because instead of drawing my EDM#216, "draw your inner critic" I created a collage of me overpowering that critic. My yellow and blue collage is one devoted to affirming my artist /person. In some ways the two collages are a set, even though I created the EDM piece after the yellow and blue collage.
I have them both up in my living room where I do most of my drawing so that I can be reminded of my artist self.

I AM AN ARTIST!!! I CAN HEAR MY MUSE!!! I AM DEAF to my inner critic.........


Anonymous said...

These are really great! Well done!

bubblemunch said...

Great collage work!
The yellow one is a great one to challenge that critic - blind it with sunshine and happiness, freedom and joy!

Anetka said...

I love your collage work!
and also, thank you for the link:)

Ann said...

What fun and great collages!