Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Newest ATC/ACEO Drawings

I am so excited about working in this small form (2.5 in x 3.5 in) that I went online and found free photos to use. I know what you are going to say, "but, aren't you a photographer?" The answer is yes I am and I have a lot of photos to draw from but what happened was that I was not in the physical frame to go downstairs to my studio to find a photo to use (and the other part was that I was being lazy;-) My goal for this month is to organize my photos into groups of 'to draw' and 'to sell', etc.

I am enjoying being an artist again and seeing how my skills develop. Some day I wish to sell my art, but for now I am having fun creating it.

I created the horse, my first horse by the way, using graphite pencils in 2&3b. As I look at the horse I drew it seems a bit off. I think that it is the nose, it may be too short. Once again, practice makes perfect. (I downloaded the photos from this site: http://freeartisticphotos.com/?cat=3 )

I created the sunflower using Prismacolor colored pencils. For some reason the scan makes it look duller than the original. Both drawings were done on Bristol paper. (I got the flower photo from this site: http://freeartisticphotos.com/?cat=6 )

I am off to create another masterpiece ;-) and will of course share it here with all who stop by my little blog.


Glitz Ink said...

i think your horse is wonderful! ; )

angeltreats said...

They are both lovely. I love the colours in the sunflower, and the horse is just so pretty!

Shelly McC said...


Chris Hack said...

gorgeous sunflower. love the colours. added a link to your blog on mine. and thank you for commenting on my work.