Friday, July 6, 2012

My Trailer Went Camping Without Me!

This is true, my trailer or Parnassus on Wheels did in fact go camping without me. Rude! I guess he did not want to wait for me to go because he knew I was hard at work doing my graduate school assignments.
Parnassus let my oldest daughter and my youngest son take him camping for a week. They had to dry camp and tote their water in containers. Apparently, one of the pipes in Parnassus cracked during the winter. I did not think there was any water left in the pipes and plus there was that anti-freeze stuff in them. Of course, I am going off of what others have said. I have not been able to go over to Tooele to check the situation for myself. The water could be coming from something else.
Despite this Parnassus and company had fun camping. My daughter took this photo of him and you can see the new paint job I gave him at the end of last summer. I love the thin red line and the fresh green on him. If the door was closed in the photo you would be able to see the red around the window. There is much more I need to finish on him, but for now he is pretty just the way he is.
I hope to go camping a least once this season, but that is still up in the air. Graduate school takes a lot of work, which I love and does not end until July 12. There is another major holiday coming up in Utah and by the time I get set to go, it might be time to start a new semester of school. ;-(

Anyway, I hope y'all get to go camping and have fun!

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