Thursday, August 6, 2009

My "The Decorated Page" Workshop Lesson 5

I have done three more layouts for my Decorated Page workshop for the Yahoo group-Artists of the Round Table. This workshop has been a blast and using the theme of an autobiography has made making the pages sentimental. As I go along not all the memories of my childhood are good, some are even scary to remember, but I have to do it. This is a book that I want my children and their children and so forth to enjoy, even if they know of the horrible things that have happened to me. AT this point I am not sure I will make pages for those memories. I might just write about them and I may or may not leave them in the open. One of the exercises of this workshop was to insert an envelope as a page, so I may put the stories in there and leave it up to the reader to decide as to whether or not he/she wants to read them.

The layout of the two little motorcycles are done using the Diagonal and Springboard layout. The point of the springboard is to put objects that will remind you of a story. On the blank pages after this layout I will write the story of me and these two motorcycles. I loved these bikes a lot and they are the part of my childhood that bring me great joy.

The bookshelf page is done using the Columns and Information Gathering layout. I used a gold pen but the scanner cannot translate it. The writing is some of the authors I have read. The photos of the books are the ones I enjoy reading over and over except for Jasper Fforde. I have only read his books once through, but I enjoy reading the books in his series. I love to read, among other things and this love has thankfully passed onto my children (hubby loves to read also). I was privileged to teach two of them how to read (wish I had started teaching my children at home when the oldest was starting school) and that is one of my favorite accomplishments.

The final page here is actually the next to the last page in my book. I am saving the last page for my 50th birthday, which is next May. The page layout is using Organic Shapes and Decision Making. Once again the scanner did not pick up much of the shiny pink flowers. The paper I used was a 12x12 scrapbook piece that I thought was very pretty. I did antique it a bit in order to fit the theme of the page. I love antiquing paper because bright whites bother me. My fingers are still burgundy from the inking I did on the background. I should have scanned my fingers, they were a big mess. Hey, they looked like artist's hand;-)

I only have three more layouts to do (I think) for this workshop, but many more pages planned for this art journal. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Have a happy and creative day!


nanke's stuff said...

I'm a member of the Artists of the Round Table group, but have been inactive for quite awhile. After seeing what you're doing, I'm kind of sorry I haven't been in touch. They're very interesting and I can tell they meal a lot to you. Well done! nancy

Aimeslee said...

I love looking at your art, cuz you must be a scrapbooker at heart and not afraid to let it spill over, like me. We're a rare breed and we need our own category, don't we? :-))) xoxo

Melisa said...

These are wonderful pages, Rhonda. The kid in me covets those beautiful bikes. I love the background on your books page. I'm a Jasper Fforde fan, too, and I think the Eyre Affair is probably the best of the series. I taught my son to read, too, and am so glad I did. He loves reading. Your decision making page is beautiful. I love the colors and shapes. I'm kind of stuck on that application, myself. I have decision making and story telling left. :)I hope I can come up with something this interesting.

Anonymous said...

This is inspiring. Your Decorated Page autobiography is a treasure. Lovely.

Linisha said...

Hi Rhonda,
I have nominated your blog for the creative blogger award.
Please check this page:
- Shalini

Janet said...

Your pages are fantastic. I loved the one about "twins".
And I couldn't stop looking at the map. I think that using the red ink tied it all together.
Nice work.