Friday, January 23, 2009

Hi all,

I did not draw today, but I did play with my camera and computer. This is a picture of my Blue Fronted Amazon bird, Chickie. I was taking pictures of various things and she saw the camera pointing at her and came towards me. She is a camera hog, Silly girl! I uploaded the photo to my computer and then played around with the filters in Photoshop. This was the sharpen filter adjusted way to one side.

This is the same shot of Chickie using the kaleidoscope filter on it. It is just left of her eye. It was fun playing on the computer today because I got to do art. This week has been hard for me when it comes to drawing because of my shaky head. The shaky head cause my hands not to work quite right. I did draw some and will place that on here as soon as I scan it in. I also want to draw my 'shell' EDM challenge and scan that at the same time. It will all be up to my hands. I will do it even if the hands shake! Art is therapy for me, therefore I must do. It is a joy to create! I hope you all have a very creative day, now go create!!!


Glitz Ink said...

that is so cool how that turned out! That's one creative area I haven't explored yet is altering photos on the computer, but this makes me want to dive into it! also, your original photo of the bird has some gorgeous colors and would probably be very fun to watercolor! ; )

Krystle said...

Very well done, muvva! That is well impressive, all those photos and sketches!

Krystle said...

Well done! It's all well impressive!